Aera Truck Assembly Custom Set K5

Aera Truck Assembly Custom Set K5

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Aera Truck Assembly Custom Set K5

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2 x Aera Trucks K5 Hanger Gold   +$205.00
2 x Aera Trucks Kingpin   +$5.00

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BrandAera Trucks
Truck WidthCustom
Truck MakeAera Trucks


The Aera K5 is upgraded in each and every way from our previous generations. With a larger and longer pivot mating to an made in house pivot cup, the truck has more stability and accuracy, and the hanger and baseplate have been designed such that they add stiffness and strength to the truck with their highly engineered angles, curves, and features. This is the truck of choice by 2x World Champions Carlos Paixão, Kevin Reimer, and World Champion Patrick Switzer.

Widths available:

164mm (uses +4MM or 176 axle)
168mm (uses +6MM or 180 axle)
174mm (uses +8MM or 186 axle)
184mm (uses +14MM or 196 axle)

Each set includes FOUR (4) Hardcore 90a Barrel bushings.


Customer Reviews

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Refined Perfection Achieved! Review by Bill Morse
Absolutely Perfect!
Everything that wasn't quite what it could be, with the K4's, has been perfectly improved!
Very grateful and impressed!
Thank you! (Posted on 9/8/2017)
Awesome Review by Marnix Zimmerman
I have a bunch of #$%! to say about these trucks so if you dont want to read it; by far the greatest trucks you can ever purchase, and if you have the money you HAVE TO BUY A SET. Now for the people that want to read on; ive been riding these things for about a month now after making the big switch from cronins. I am not remotely disappointed and the price was totally worth it. I'm riding them on the 42 plates but they have been wedged about 3.5 due to the rocker on a truncated tesseract. I am also a lighter rider so i'm riding the hardcore bushings with a short kingpin nut for freeride and a tall one for downhill(i never use the bottom washer). Love the trucks but do have 2 minute things, you MUST keep the pivot cup well lubricated. If you do not lubricate the pivot cups the trucks will tell by screaching like banshees, this also makes the ride worse. Second is the kingpin clearance, if you dont ride at least 72mm wheels on negative rake you can not kick up your board without hitting the kingpin, and it scratches slightly in the process of removing the hanger. (Posted on 5/22/2017)
AAAAAAA++++++ :D (Posted on 4/27/2017)
Smooth Review by Linden
Dope trucks, excellent improvement to the K4, ball pivot, urethane cups, stable, gusssshy turn paired great with some snakes. (Posted on 4/12/2017)
Fantastic trucks! Review by Todd
Just got a new set of K5's. So far I really like them. I have been out riding them trying different bushings and with the hangers regular and flipped. I am looking forward to when they will release the full line of their own bushings. Well engineered trucks! Also, ordering from Skate one is always a great customer service experience! (Posted on 4/10/2017)
The PRIMO Review by Jacob
I am currently riding 46/42 with the 4+ mm axles (164mm) and they are extremely responsive. I am amazed by the amount of tuning that can be done to these trucks. I have been playing with all sorts of bushing duros and brand and continue to find "better feelings" for my riding preference. This truck is also one of the prettiest things Ive ever seen, I mean that arch, no one is going to reverse engineer anything close to a K5 for a long time.

If I had one complaint it is the lack of bushing options currently available from Aera, or Hardcore skate products. I would like to be able to tune my Aera truck using options from Aera.

I have 184 hangers in the mail right now and cannot wait to take those free riding or just fast and drifty.

Solid solid truck! (Posted on 3/31/2017)
Great trucks, great service. Review by John Cookson
1st - the service is fantastic. Over the phone, very helpful to clear up a couple of questions, then on to the site to order. Ordered on Friday morning, here on Saturday (local in SoCal). The trucks are sweet as hell, but I need to continue to dial them in. I have 46/46 and +6MM axles, and although I am no shredder, these feel super responsive and stable. And through FB, I got a little feedback from the pro on bushing set ups. Highly recommended. (Posted on 3/30/2017)

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