Hardcore Bushings Barrel 95A Set

Hardcore Bushings Barrel 95A Set

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Hardcore Bushings Barrel 95A Set

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BrandAera Trucks
Truck WidthNo
Hardcore Bushings feature the SkateOne™ patented bonded insert technology that will transform your trucks into high performance carving, racing, or freeride machines. The bonded insert will noticeably reduce slop, create a more fluid turn, add stability, and allow you to run a lower durometer bushing in your truck than normal. The insert locks your steering axis in without any extra parts and ensures you only compress the bushing top and bottom rather than open it like an elastic band. ZERO BREAK IN 85a - Softest - For carving, cruising, freeriding, or those who want quick steering trucks. 88a - Medium Soft - For carving, cruising, freeriding, or DH. This is the team's choice by far. 90a - Medium - For carving, freeriding, or DH. 93a - Hard - For freeriding, DH, or heavier riders who want more support. Perfect for low angle rear trucks. The bushing of choice for the Aera Trucks' team including: Patrick Switzer, Byron Essert, Kevin Reimer Will fit ALL Longboard trucks that use standard bushings, or Tall bushing trucks when using a shim. Great for Aera, Paris, Caliber, Randal, etc.


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the new hardcores go hard Review by Ethan
These new harder hardcore bushings actually make running a hardcore in a low degree rear truck viable for people that weigh more than 4 paperclips and a rubiks cube. def worth a try in the roadside spot in p2s or k3s. (Posted on 2/11/2022)

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