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Aera Skateboard Truck Assembly K5-K6 Custom (Set of 2)

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Aera Skateboard Truck Assembly K5-K6 Custom (Set of 2)

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Product Review (submitted on March 31, 2017):
I am currently riding 46/42 with the 4+ mm axles (164mm) and they are extremely responsive. I am amazed by the amount of tuning that can be done to these trucks. I have been playing with all sorts of bushing duros and brand and continue to find "better feelings" for my riding preference. This truck is also one of the prettiest things Ive ever seen, I mean that arch, no one is going to reverse engineer anything close to a K5 for a long time.

If I had one complaint it is the lack of bushing options currently available from Aera, or Hardcore skate products. I would like to be able to tune my Aera truck using options from Aera.

I have 184 hangers in the mail right now and cannot wait to take those free riding or just fast and drifty.

Solid solid truck!