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Aera Skateboard Truck Assembly K5-K6 Custom (Set of 2)

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Aera Skateboard Truck Assembly K5-K6 Custom (Set of 2)

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Product Review (submitted on September 22, 2017):
You honestly get what you pay for with these! After putting some k5's on my board it made every carve feel slide worthy. It's been a huge confidence boost for me and towards my progression in dh and free-riding. I ride 46* plates front and back for free-riding, and I also use a 30* plate for when I just want to bomb a hill and get the feel for going faster. I have axles for a 168mm set up and for a 184mm set up. The 184's are currently my favorite setup for going sideways. The 168 axles will stick in a turn fantastically!!I prefer to ride them with a positive rake out of reasons of personal preference.

The biggest reason I chose Aera trucks over other precision trucks on the market was the amount of help and suggestions they have for the setup of their trucks, and the fact that you can customize them however you want, whether you want a narrow sticky truck in the back with a wide curvy truck in the front or you want something symmetrical and versatile, Aera has something for you!