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Eu uso Aera Trucks, por serem os melhores truck, seja para corridas ou freeride, perfeitos para todos os terrenos!!!
Foi o primeiro truck de precisão que chegou na favela e ficara para sempre!!!!
Favela agradece todo apoio....Aera trucks mais do que um time uma familia!!! RONALDO...

— Ricardo Reis

These are the best trucks you will ever ride. Period. With a stable center point and endless amounts of gangsta lean, you can't go wrong. Ride Aera!

— Evan “Donut” Higa

Gosto do Aera porque elas responde muito rápido todos meus movimentos, tanto em curvas como na reta , é um truck sagaz , adoro fazer parte dessa família aera trucks!!

— Georgia Bontorin

What can I say... I ride Aera Trucks because I designed them to be the best. Years ago I had two boards: one for freeride, and one for racing and now I only have one and it does both equally well. That's because Aera Trucks apply everywhere you want to ride!

— Kevin “K-Rimes” Reimer

Mi nombre es Jose Guzman de Quebradillas, Puerto Rico y yo represento todo lo que es AERA trucks. Desde salir de mi propia casa a pasear hacia el súper mercado o hasta competir en campeonatos a nivel mundial dependo de ellos y su efectividad. Soy un atleta grande con aproximadamente 6'1 de estatura y alrededor de 185lbs, le saco mayor provecho a lo liviano que son! Pego más en las curvas y salgo rápido de la línea de arranque!

— Jose Guzman

I'm riding K4 with 48° baseplate for both trucks. I enjoyed those trucks at the first time i tried them. Their agility and suppleness while staying under control and stable surprised me a lot. It's a really easy truck to set also. Lot of bushings can sit inside, you only have to change your set up belonging the spot you wanna ride, a lot of combination could be done thanks to his permissive shape. I can bring my downhill board to go carving or cruising as i can go downhill on the other hand. voila voila.

— Marie “SPOKY WOKY” Bougourd

De los detalles que mas me gustan de AeraTrucks es lo liviano, ya que se me hace mas fácil maniobrar con mi tabla como por ejemplo hacer Slides. Me gusta lo fuerte que son y la variedad de combinaciones de baseplates, hanguer y axels distintas que puedes montar de acuerdo a tu gusto y al lugar donde piensas usarlos. Es por esos detalles que me gustan y patino Aera Trucks !

— Jomar Guzman

I ride Aera trucks, cause we are a big family and nothing is more important then family for me. Couse is the best truck in the world and i can imagine or ride any trucks then Aera's…MORE POWER !!!

— Jonas Richter

Aera trucks are the dopest trucks on the planet and I always gotta have the dopest equipment. When my homie K-Rimes first gave me a set in 2009 I've been taking the sickest lines and smoking fools eva since!

— Scott “SCOOT” Smith

They're sexy as hell! The feeling of riding Aera trucks is unlike anything else... The way they dive and grip around corners is unreal. They're offer incredible stability at high speeds and are fantastic whether you're flowing down your local freeride hill or mobbing fast, technical runs. The amount of lean Aera trucks has around corners is incredible, allowing you to grip and take crazy lines! Their predictability, stability and turning radius make for a good time, every time... I couldn't see myself riding anything else!

— Victoria Waddington

I ride aera trucks because is the best truck out there on the market solid trucks and Kevin been work on the trucks already for many years and test out win racers and the best riders out there use aeras perfect for free ride too you wanna a pro truck high quality high perfomace. thanks for the support!

— Fernando Yuppie

They are better than any truck ive tried. once i tried em i couldnt take em off.

— Byron Essert

I ride Aera Trucks because I feel like they compliment my riding style. Any other truck has always limited my capabilities on a board... and I only realized this when I made the switch to Aeras. They are stable for high speeds, and agile for predrifts and freeriding. I'm definitely more confident as a rider with these things under my board.

— Maria Nuñez

I ride Aera because they have the lean and the flowy feeling I like in my trucks. From mobbing fast runs, to hitting up slow and technical paths, I dont have to touch them. This is rad.

— Brendan Davidson

I ride Aera Trucks because they combine all of the elements that skateboarding requires in a way that maximizes functionality. They are simple while being robust. They are precise while still maintaining float and board feel. They are incredibly versatile while being eye catching too. They have been tested to the utmost degree and it shows seeing that everything about these trucks was done for a reason. Lastly the standards that Aera holds itself to are a cut above the rest when it comes to quality, finish, and design.

— Spencer Smith

Aera makes the best trucks in the world! The performance and quality are second to none! They’ve been leading the charge when it comes to precision trucks and they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down. I also hear they make you 60% faster…

— Alex Tongue

Why do I ride aera? Coz they the best that's why!
They fit my style, snappy divey turns with smooooooth lean. So stable, the difference between city slashing and 100km/h is a half turn of the kingpin.

— Jackson “Wacko Jacko” Shapiera

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